Corporate & Personal Investigations

We provide striking clarity in the often opaque offshore corporate structures of the international trading and maritime sector in support of dispute resolution or restructuring and insolvency practice.

In many cases our support is sought at an early stage, when a potential claim is in its formative phase and our clients need to know who or what they are up against. This enables them to set their strategy on how to manage the situation and mitigate potential future losses.

Should the dispute progress to litigation, LSR identifies assets that could act as security for the claim and provide evidence of ownership or control. We have assisted in many successful arrests and garnishment orders in several jurisdictions worldwide.

We’ve been appointed by international restructuring advisory firms to assist on various liquidation and restructuring activities.  These include shareholders disputes, dissipation of assets, asset trading, collections from trade debtors and due-diligence on purchasers of liquidated assets.  These projects have been varied in scope and precisely targeted.

Although each investigation is different, there is almost always an initial fact-finding stage where the key events and parties involved are identified and analysed. This stage often identifies information blind-spots; an unrecognised entity in a supply chain, a counter-party with no known contact details or a company not resident at its claimed address. This knowledge supports the base from which further investigations can proceed and our collaborative nature ensures that the focus is continually adjusted to give the most commercially relevant results, with no padding.

Asset searches can often be efficiently undertaken in conjunction with fact-finding, one feeding off the other. LSR’s investigative services are renowned for their goal-driven focus and clearly presented results.

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