LSR provides trustworthy, incisive knowledge, enabling our clients to make smarter decisions.

Our 30 years of specialist experience enables us to produce commercial solutions to unusual questions. We deliver vital corporate and personal investigations, due-diligence, market appraisals and documentary records on actors in international trading sectors.

LSR’s expertise has proven invaluable to financial institutions, cargo, hull and third party insurers, lawyers, trading companies, shipping companies, risk and compliance managers who are seeking goal-driven answers to their specific questions.

Our unrivalled experience in retrieving verified documents and undertaking resolute enquiries have proven invaluable along the supply chain from commodities houses, hull and third party insurers, shipping companies, trading houses to retailers and law firms. Our due diligence service has particularly benefited compliance officers and financial institutions to make careful decisions before signing any agreements.

Our core values make us uniquely accessible, experienced and continually focussed on your goals.

Why LSR?

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