Reduce risk with our due diligence, company investigation, & consultancy services.

Corporate & Personal Investigations

Our work provides striking clarity in the often opaque offshore corporate structures of the international trading sector.

Focussed & clearly presented research that enables well-informed tactical and strategic decision making during claims handling or other legal proceedings.

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Due Diligence

We provide independent appraisal and corporate due diligence prior to new business relationships, contracts, joint ventures, on-going reviews and acquisitions.

Use this knowledge to mitigate risk and to enhance your profile as a professional company with a robust management system.

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Maritime Intelligence

Our deep experience in the maritime industry means that we know how to tackle the challenges of establishing beneficial ownership and assessing the financial standing for often opaque offshore corporate structures.

This is where we cut our teeth

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Registry & Litigation

From the basics of company registers, financial records, annual reports to directorships, shareholders, land and property and everything in between, we have access to almost 100 registers worldwide.


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Our flexible solutions include bespoke research, fixed-fee investigation services, simple record searches, or risk mitigation consulting.

We tailor our offering to your requirements

Product Sheet – LSR Fixed Price Fit-To-Sue Investigation

Product Sheet – LSR Fixed Price Due Diligence Service