Targeted, collaborative, commercial investigations into low-profile companies, cross-border trades and finance flows worldwide. Providing trustworthy, incisive knowledge, enabling clients to make smarter decisions.

Corporate & Personal Investigations

Our work provides striking clarity in the often opaque offshore corporate structures of the international trading and maritime sector in support of dispute resolution or restructuring and insolvency practice.

Focused & clearly presented research that enables well-informed tactical and strategic decision making during claims handling or other legal proceedings.

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Due Diligence & Compliance

We provide independent compliance appraisal and corporate due diligence prior to new business relationships, contracts, joint ventures, on-going reviews and acquisitions.

Use this knowledge to mitigate risk and to enhance your profile as a professional company with a robust management system.

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Fraud Investigation

Our deep experience in the commodity industry means that we know how to tackle the challenges of investigate suspicions of fraudulent activities on business. LSR’s detective approach secures facts and identifies indicators of financial crimes, fraud and commercial misconduct.


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Registry & Litigation

From the basics of company registers, financial records, annual reports to directorships, shareholders, land and property and everything in between, we have access to almost 100 registers worldwide.


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LSR listens to the details, understands what you need and gets you results that save time & money, increase recovery rates and give you a competitive advantage.

Live feedback from clients on recent cases:

 “With many thanks for finding the resources to help us on this so quickly .”  – Senior Partner of  an International Law Firm

 “Well rcvd it with many thanks, and the current information is enough for our evaluation on the cooperation.”

 “I am positively surprised at how much information you could gather in such a short time. Impressive!”

“I am happy to say that we have now achieved a settlement on this matter. The details of this are confidential, however our clients are very pleased with the result. We very much appreciate the work that you and your team have done in regards the investigations, which assisted greatly in reaching a good settlement. It has been great to work with you!”

 “Many thanks. Phenomenal result! Well done.”